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SOCIETY PRESIDENT: TEDxNewcastleUniversity

BUSINESS OWNER: Days Like This Are Sweet Creative Consultancy Limited

Hi! I'm Ashleigh - I decided to start this blog when I first became an MBA student because while preparing for my studies, I couldn't find anything that really connected with me and what I was looking for. 


I had so many questions! I either found books that discredited the idea of an MBA (not helpful when you've decided to invest a small fortune) or books which felt very academic, and difficult to engage with.

I felt uncertain about whether I was too 'creative' or 'quirky' for the programme, and worried about whether I would 'fit in', although boy, was I wrong! 


This blog is an honest account of all that I have found helpful, the lessons I have learned in my own #MBAadventure and the things I wish I had known at the start.

It is my hope that this may help other learners (like you!) and save you time in your own learning journey! 

What can I tell you about me?


I'm a South African - Irish girl living in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK I'm a fan of social enterprise, entrepreneurship and communications!

After 8 years of working for a fantastic University in the busy Higher Education Sector, I decided to give up a wonderful career to further my education. 


I have since initiated my own startup Days Like This Are Sweet Creative, which helps small businesses and individuals raise their visibility using public relations strategies such as events and communication to attract more business, funding or investment. 


I host a podcast called #NurtureYourZest which I LOVE! This began with a desire to bring people together from all walks of life and hear more about their stories.


Stories of overcoming adversity and the 'prickly' situations in life to find their inspiration, and through courage, creativity or curiosity rediscover their zest


A role which I treasure and which is very important to me is President of the TEDxNewcastleUniversity Society. 

As a Society of TEDsters, in true TED-style, we celebrate 'ideas worth spreading' and curate an annual conference! 


I always knew when I became a student, it wouldn't only be about the grades, and I wanted to participate in as many activities as possible, gaining valuable life experience and special friendships that I would treasure always. 

I hope my musings help you to prepare for your own return to education, and I look forward to hearing from you!

With thanks

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