• Ashleigh King

Lego + Teamwork, the recipe for success?

I'm EXCITED to have guest-written a blog for Newcastle University Business School - covering my thoughts on one of my favourite sessions of our Masters in Business Administration (MBA). (Incidentally, also my favourite teacher - Dr Benjamin Bader whose classes were well-matched with my Activist preference of learning). Who doesn't LOVE playing with colourful blocks and bricks, experimenting with creativity, and indulging their senses! This was a helpful session and helped to fuse the relationships with my classmates. Interestingly, the group formed for this module resulted in a good mark, and a close bond with peers, Kelvin, Mildred, Nana and Pound.

Read about it here:

https://www.newcastleuniversitybusinessschool.com/student-life/mba-students-use-lego-serious-play-to-develop-as-a-team/ Have you ever tried Lego Serious Play? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below. Image credit: Ashleigh King / Benjamin Bader

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